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Planning Process

  • We start with a fact finder meeting.  This is where we collect your goals, objectives, and financial information.  We understand it is often difficult for people to share their personal financial information, but  it is important that we have your entire financial picture so that we can make solid financial recommendations for your specific situation.
  • Once we have gathered the information from you, your adviser will spend time analyzing the data and create a plan with recommendations for your specific situation.  
  • We will then have a meeting to present the plan to you and answer any questions you may have.  Many of the recommendations that we make, we can implement for you.  We like for you to take the plan home, look it over, and decide if you would like to move forward with the recommendations.  We like to touch base with you within a week or so after this meeting.
  • The third meeting would be where we answer any additional questions you may have and we will have the needed paperwork ready for you to sign to implement the recommendations.
  • We prefer to meet with you on an annual basis to review your plan, but if you prefer to meet more often, we will accommodate what you are most comfortable with.

The question that we get most often is "How much do you charge for your time and the plan you put together?"

The amount that is charged for a plan depends on the complexity of the plan and is at the advisers discretion.